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Bridget Jones’s Baby Has a New Trailer! #HerStruggleIsReal

While the first trailer for Bridget Jones’s Baby just reminded us how spectacular Bridget Jones is in her ability to make anything awkward, the second trailer is much more set in reminding us why we love every part of her life.

First and foremost, Bridget Jones is a treasure of the world. I almost said American treasure, but then I remembered that she’s British because I’m not always dumb. Anyways, Bridget is super important to all women because she a) makes us feel smarter and b) let’s us know that even if we’re feeling really superiorly dumb, there’s always going to be a gorgeous guy (or girl! Let’s not forget about the overly gorgeous lesbian Rebecca #BestTwistInFilmHistory) falling in love with us.

Bridget seems like she’s going to be proving that fact even more in Bridget Jones’s Baby in which she’s got two possible baby daddy’s – Colin Firth or Patrick Dempsey. Yes, Bridget Jones is either going to have the child of Mr. Darcy or Dr. McDreamy – we should all be so lucky.

The script of the movie was actually written by Emma Thompson instead of Helen Fielding. Apparently Helen Fielding had originally written the screenplay but people didn’t really like it so they had Emma Thompson (who won an Oscar for her writing on the 1995 film Sense and Sensibility) go in and basically recreate the movie. This is great because Emma Thompson is now also a character in the movie. She’s playing Bridget’s gynecologist and it’s beautiful.

The whole movie is obviously leading up to Bridget ending up with Mr. Darcy once and for all, but we’re going to get to see all the stuff that happens in between and that’s the fun part. So be sure to watch the trailer and then comment below with your thoughts on how beautiful this new romcom looks.

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