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Charlamagne Tell Power’s Omari Hardwick Has Nice Assets! (Video)

Charlamagne is so hot and cold, one minute he’s complaining being annoyed about men complimenting him and now that the tables are turn he’s the one doing the complimenting! Nevertheless, the cast of Power is gearing for this Sunday for the start of season three and they’ve been killing the press game. They stopped at The Breakfast Club to talk about the evolution of their show, having a nudity clause in their contracts.

Other Cliff notes:

*They talk about how Penis pics are sent to them often.
*They are all actually friends outside of the show.
*Charlemagne starts talking about his ass @ 19:29
*Charlemagne even tell him he has a nice ass after Omari called him handsome @ 23:08
*The comment garnered a round (no pun intended, hehehe) of applause.
*DJ Envy admits that he and his wife has sex to Omari and Naturi’s sex scenes.
*The whole first half of the interview is basically sexual.
*Then they talk about the BLM movement and how it affects them and the show.
*All of them are married or in relationships.

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