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Disney breaks the silence with the new film” Queen of Katwe”

Hola readers! So I had to share with you something I am extremely excited about Disney’s new movie” Queen of Katwe”.  The film is said to come out in September. What’s so exciting about the film is the raw nature of the setting and the people.

I find this very inspiring that Disney took the time to add this to their slate. The movie will start the beautiful Lupita Nyog’0. Nyong’o spoke passionately about filming in Uganda saying, “First of all, I am from East Africa, from Kenya, which is just next door to Uganda.” She described filming in Africa as “going home.” Nyong’o went on to say that being in the slums of Katwe “did sober us and enliven us.”

I’ve watched the films trailer, and I am utterly captivated by it. I am thankful for actors like Nyong’o of whom take roles like this to spread awareness especially in black culture; we are so used to the white princesses and just white culture in America I’m glad to see more diversity in Disney outside of Princess and the Frog.

The link to the trailer will be posted below let us know what you think readers! The movie’s release date is September 23 and Disney even hopes to receive anOscar tell us what you think below!



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