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Marvel’s Iron Fist Got Its First Trailer and It Looks #TotesCray

Netflix binge-watching has become a past time for basically everyone. It’s personally really hard for me to be near anyone who says that they don’t binge-watch TV shows because I know they’re liars and I don’t trust liars.

Now, when it comes to binge-watching, there are shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl which are just sort of always there for you to watch completely, and then there are Netflix original shows created by Marvel like Daredevil and Jessica Jones that you can only watch thirteen episodes at a time, no matter how much you pray for more.

Daredevil and Jessica Jones are both pretty badass, and many super fans watch the shows in one tiny little weekend so as to avoid spoilers from the evil internet. Now there’s a trailer for a new Marvel/Netflix original called Iron Fist, yet another hero who will be fighting for Hell’s Kitchen.

Iron Fist is actually the last of the members we need for The Defenders, which is Hell’s Kitchen’s very own set of weirdo Avengers. We’ve already got Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage (He was the boyfriend to Jessica Jones. His show is coming in September, though the trailer hasn’t come out yet) and, thanks to San Diego Comic-Con, Iron Fist’s trailer is the final puzzle piece to getting the group formed. While we don’t know much about the actual show, besides the fast that Iron Fist has a hella tragic backstory (but who doesn’t in Marvel or comics in general?), we do know that he’s going to be a total badass, and really isn’t that all that matters?


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