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Suicide Squad Laughs At Its Haters With a Potentially Record Breaking Opening

If you haven’t heard of Suicide Squad then I don’t know what rock you’re living under but I’m assuming that you also haven’t seen the light of day in, like, a thousand years. Since its first trailer was released at the San Diego Comic-Con in July of last year, the film has been obsessed over and dissected by comic fans and novices alike.

For the past month, the film has built an even bigger hyped up craze more insane than the Joker about its arrival in theaters and the potential. Still, there were just as many haters surrounding the impending film as there were fans.

That being said, critics of the film really don’t seem to matter as the DC Comics movie is projected to bring in an estimated $145-$150 million by Monday morning. The movie has already brought in $135.1 million in the past few days alone and it holds the largest Thursday preshow opening to ever happen in August, making $20.5 million in just that one night.

So to all those people saying the movie is bad…the jokes on you.

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