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The CW Already Released a Supergirl Teaser Trailer

Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist, had its first season on CBS but will now be appearing on the CW and a teaser trailer has already been posted to promote the second season. Supergirl, which follows Kara Danvers, Kryptonian cousin of Superman as she figures out how to use her powers to save people.

The show actually had a crossover episode with The Flash, and the CW used tons of footage from that for the trailer. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) asks how it’s possible that Supergirl doesn’t know any of The CW’s heroes, hinting that she now will know the CW’s heroes because she’s gonna be  one of them. Supergirl will definitely know the Green Arrow and Black Canary and all of the Flash’s buddies, because there’s going to be a pretty big crossover between Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Basically DC has their own mini Justice League and they’re using it to their full advantage.

What do you guys think of DC’s new lineup of shows on the CW? Will Supergirl be a good fit or is she too cute?

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