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‘The Girl With All The Gifts’ Has It’s First Official Trailer and It’s Creepily Heartwarming

Imagine a small child who can attack and kill adults by biting their necks and also might be the only hope to save humanity. Well, that seems to be the plot of Colm McCarthy’s film The Girl With All The Gifts, based on the M. R. Carey’s best-selling novel.

The movie stars Gemma Arterton as Helen Justineau and newcomer Sennia Nanua as Melanie. The trailer doesn’t go to far into the plot – probably to avoid spoilers – but the filmography looks like it will be fantastic and the movie seems overall terrifying but in a way that makes it seem like there could be a happy ending.

I’m not fully sure how any of this world works, but what I am sure of is that you should watch the trailer while I go read the book. Comment below with your thoughts!

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