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The Latest ‘Scream Queens’ Trailer Is Creepy AF #Shocker

The first season of Scream Queens was all about how everyone is evil and creepy and the Chanels are happier as patients in the looney bin. The second season of Scream Queens, though seems to focus much more on the hot doctors of the looney bin as the Chanels train to become therapists themselves.

The latest Scream Queens trailer was released today and it shows off the horror of the mental hospital the characters will be working in while also showing off the Grey’s Anatomy style make-out sessions that will be happening in episodes to come with Dr. McYummy (John Stamos) and Dr. McPuppy (Taylor Lautner).

The trailer goes between flashes of the mental patients and flashes of the Chanels being led on gurneys by their doctors. Chanel #1 (Emma Roberts) is being pushed by Keke Palmer; Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin) gets Taylor Lautner; and Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd) gets John Stamos (let’s face it, we all wish we were Chanel #3). While 3 and 5 get to make out with doctors, Chanel #1 is pushed straight down the hall until she is brought face to face with Jamie Lee Curtis and the villain of the first season, Hester (Lea Michele) who is being locked up Hannibal style, scary mouth covering mask and all.

The full-on scare factor of the season has yet to be truly announced. Still, at least we know that most of the original stars will all be a part of the show! We also now know that Hester will be as #craycray as ever and that the Chanels are totally going to win no matter what because they’re the best part of the show.

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