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The Very Very Last Suicide Squad Trailer Is Out…OMG

A year ago, on July 13th, the first Suicide Squad trailer came out at San Diego Comic Con. The world was super excited, nerds everywhere freaked out and since then the excitement hasn’t stopped. That said, it’s only right that the very last Suicide Squad trailer come out at Comic Con a year later.

This isn’t an actual “trailer” per se, so much as an “Official Comic-Con Soundtrack Remix” as it is so titled on Warner Bros.’s Youtube page. Still, it gives us way more information on the movie than we’ve had thus far and that, my friends, is very important.

The trailer starts out showing almost the entire scene of the squad at the bar at the end of their very rough night of fighting crime (something they don’t usually do as bad guys and all) in which Will Smith’s character, Deadshot, reminds them all that they’re the bad guys despite the fact that they almost saved the day. All the while. Heathens by twenty one pilots plays in the background. Sucker for Pain plays next and we are shown quite a bit of footage that had not been seen before this trailer, including a shot of some weird electric current thingy coming down from the sky that Harley Quinn calls “the pretty lights” and Deadshot called “the swirling ring of trash in the sky.” I guess that describes the characters in a nutshell – and when I say that, I mean Harley Quinn is nuts and Deadshot is a realist.

Overall, though, the trailer still doesn’t give near enough away and there are going to be loads of gasps in the theater when people see this movie because the marketers did a really good job about giving legitimately nothing away. It’s all very exciting. What do you guys think? Is this last trailer #SameOldSameOld or is it more like: post-62428-Friends-Phoebe-that-is-brand-n-rWtE

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