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There’s Another Yoga Hosers Trailer Out And It’s #Perfection

“This isn’t the real world. This is Canada.” The latest trailer for Kevin Smith’s horror comedy Yoga Hosers came out today and it looks even more amazing than the first trailer did.

The entire thing follows two besties named Colleen who have to work in Colleen C’s (Lily-Rose Depp) dad’s  gas station on a night when they’re supposed to be going to a super hot senior’s (Austin Butler) party. The gas station is attacked by “Bratzis” (get this, they’re “foot-tall Nazis made of bratwurst,” an idea invented by Canadian Hitler – yes, you read right) and the girls have to use their mad yoga skills to kill all the talking meat as it tries to destroy the universe with an evil little little laugh.

While the first trailer showed off just how close the two girls are supposed to be, the second one goes more into the how’s and why’s – kind of. Mainly, it makes fun of Canada and uses the poo emoji when say the ‘S’ word. “Sorry ab-oot that” is said a lot in that wonderful Canadian accent that really shows off how polite Canadians are even when they’re being immensely sarcastic.

Oh and the dads of the actresses playing the Colleens (Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith) aka director Kevin Smith and the Johnny Depp are playing characters in the movie. Kevin Smith is playing all of the Bratzis and Johnny Depp is playing the weird creepy old guy.

Basically, the movie looks like an amazing film about friendship and it’s totally going to pass the Bechdel Test despite the fact that Austin Butler seems to be playing a potential love interest.

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