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Jeezy Announces ‘Trap or Die 3’ Album #NOPE

You know I remember the first time falling in love with Jeezy back in 2005, when he dropped I Am The American Dream Mixtape, followed by ‘Thug Motivation 101.’ You would think after 11 years a person would evolve…. But, clearly Jeezy did not get the memo…

The Snowman announced the project with a trailer. “You already know how I came into this game,” he explains. “Harder than a motherfucker, and that’s how I’m going out. I’m announcing it, Trap or Die 3, the album, ni**a.”


I’m sorry, but Jeezy should be way past trapping at this point in the game, it’s been 11 years, I’m pretty sure you’re not in the streets like that anymore, so why would you keep talking about something that you’re clearly not doing?

I guess this is the follow up to 2015’s Church In These Streets album… Check the full trailer below:

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