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Lil Wayne of Cash Money Reconciliation: “We’re Making Progress Everyday!”

Yesterday Birdman revealed that he planned on fixing his relationship with Wayne and now it seems as if both are on the same page… The rapper was on Q93 in New Orleans today and explained that things are definitely looking up between him and Cash Money… Wayne says: “We’re making progress everyday,” he explained. “It’s a great thing. We’re making progress every day. We’re just trying to get it done, get it over with so these people can get some more Weezy.”

Wayne called into the radio station to promote his Lil Weezyana Fest that is taking place this weekend and the performers on the roster is 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti, Migos, Mystikal, and Partners N Crime to name a few…. But he also spoke on other topics including Young Money, Eminem, and how he feels about the rappers in the game…

On social media’s impact: “Right now, it’s so easy and it’s all social media…Social media is to blame. It’s so easy to become somebody and they believe they’re somebody because they get followers or their song might pop online. That makes them think they’re actually a rapper or that they’re actually on a plateau of people like me. Guess what? I’ve got no problem with it because I know it’s not their fault.”

On young artists: “I do a feature every other night. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t like the song or didn’t respect the person, but trust me…It’s so easy to make a song these days for these people. Anybody could just become somebody. The thing is, what I hate to shatter their worlds with, is that they’re actually not somebody. Don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean you’re a nobody, but you’re not actually doing what we’re doing or what people like I have done. You’re not…I respect what you’re doing because you try. I respect your effort and enthusiasm.”

On new rappers’ anonymity: “I’ve done features with people and shot videos for the feature, walked on the video and I had to have people whisper in my ear who the artist is.”

On Eminem: “He ain’t gonna do nothing but give you his song and after that, he ’bout to throw on a hoodie and some sweatpants and it’s gonna be hard to even get a word out of him. People gravitated towards that.”

On Young Money’s roster: “I have this cat from Canada. His name is Drake. I have a female. Her name is Nicki Minaj. She has a cool body and she’s been in a movie or two. I’m not sure if you guys have heard of her, but I think it’s gonna work with her too. I got Cory Gunz, Jae Millz…Other than that, you got me, Hoody and Gudda Gudda in a group called L.A.T. that’s Loyalty Amongst Thieves. And then you got a beautiful woman by the name of Stephanie [Acevedo]. She literally doesn’t have to sing a song because she’s so beautiful. I think the first video is gonna be called ‘Mute.’ We’re just gonna put her on screen and tell her to make a bunch of faces. She’s from Miami. Then you have my homeboy Baby E, little white boy. He is so talented. If I’m forgetting anybody, y’all know what I’m on.”

On his prison memoirs Gone ‘Til November: “I had a little journal while I was locked up. After every day, when it was lockup time, which was like 10:30 or something like that, I would go back in my cell and write what happened for the day, what was funny, what wasn’t funny, what pissed me off, what didn’t piss me off…I wrote every day and it was something to look forward to.”

On 2 Chainz: “Me and Tit, we like brothers. He’s always been like my big brother. I knew Tit for about four or five years before I knew he rapped. The day he told me he rapped and he was with Ludacris, that was a crazy surprise.”


Listen to the interview below:

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