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HBCU Lawsuit : Coalition vs. the State of Maryland


For the past 15 years, there has been a lawsuit battle between Coalition v. the State of Maryland. It has surfaced that the State of Maryland is liable for constitutional and federal/civil rights violations. Doing this, they have been able to maintain a separate and unequal system of higher education, which is segregated by race and effects students who attend Maryland’s HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). The State has showed discrimination and inequality by duplicating HBCUs programs, misappropriate funds and allowing the TWIs (Traditionally White Institutions) to benefit. Furthermore, leaving the four HBCUs in Maryland with less advantages. The State believes to continue their unconstitutional practices and believes in the following:

  • HBCUs are doing well and have plenty of programs and funds needed
  • The duplication of the HBCU’s programs by TWIs is not harmful and is not considered discriminatory.
  • Even if HBCUs receive new academic programs, it will not receive all races and will not be meaningful
  • If TWIs would transfer the programs to HBCUs, it would have a negative impact on the TWIs

The State disagrees with the accusations of being unconstitutional and their discriminatory actions.  The trial is still going on, however, if the Plaintiff loses this case, not only will the HBCUs in the State of Maryland will be effected but possibly, other HBCUs in many other states as well. The discrimination and inequality of HBCUs are active throughout the United States, however, many are ignorant to the situation.

What is your local HBCU? How are their academic programs? Are they receiving equal opportunities just as a TWI would? Is the state being fair? These are the kind of questions YOU should ask! HBCU’s were created for the betterment of African American people during the time of 1837-1967. These institutions were built on the shoulders of African American people who wanted equal education for African Americans. Educate yourself and be mindful of whatis going on in the HBCU community.

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