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Roxane Gay and Yona Harvey Will Be The First Black Women to Write a Marvel Comic #HellYeah!

Marvel is starting to give the people what they want. It’s slow-coming, but the effects are pretty awesome! For example, according to the New York Times Roxane Gay, the author of Bad Feminist and poet Yona Harvey, are writing the companion series to Black Panther titled World of Wakanda.

The story is about two lovers, Ayo and Aneka, who are past members of the Dora Milaja, which is the Black Panther’s super badass female security group.

In regards to the project, Roxane Gay said, “It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever done, and I mean that in the best way possible… The opportunity to write black women and queer black women into the Marvel universe, there’s no saying no to that.”

No saying no indeed, this is a story needed by all. Comic book fans are a diverse group of people, and while DC Comics and Marvel are finally realizing that they need to try to sell their comics to more than white single men, the process is still taking a while. World of Wakanda, though, is the perfect next step in the process and I am personally very excited to buy the comic when it is released.

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