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‘The Powerpuff Girls’ Is Getting A Second Season #PrepareToBingeWatch

Admit it, The Powerpuff Girls was a part of your childhood. Not only that but you totally #PowerpuffYourself-ed when it became an actual thing you could do thanks to the show being resurrected on Cartoon Network.

You can lie to yourself all you want to, but no one will believe you because everyone loves The Powerpuff Girls. It’s a fact.

Apparently the new series, which premiered in April, was the most watched show of the night and had over 81 million views on like every possibly platform it was available to watch (Amazon, Hulu, actual cable, all the jazz). Not only that but it got an Emmy nomination to go along with its fabulous popularity. Everyone loves those little feminist superheroes made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. It’s impossible not to, they’re perfect little bug-eyed adorableness wrapped in a tiny, cute package.

With all that being said, the show is getting a second season and that’s the best thing ever because now this means that if anyone wanted to, they could binge-watch the original series and then move onto the new show. Imagine all those hours spent staring at screens #SoProductive. So thank your lucky stars and go start watching the show. The 90s are back and little kids deserve to appreciate the stellar television from back then it today’s age. The day is saved thanks to The Powerpuff Girls!

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