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Chase your Dreams Girl…Sunday’s Blessing

In the words of my cousin ” chase after your dreams girl you got it” As we held our conversation the words began to mold into my brain like a song on replay. I thought about my journey, I thought about how far I’ve traveled, I thought about how far I’ve come.

So many times in life we come to a breaking point where we must choose to follow our hearts or remain content in what we have become accustomed to. I felt the passion through her voice; I felt the melody in her spirit, I felt the beat of her heart, because it matched my passion for my dreams.

My Inspirational Sunday has been devoted this week to inspire you all, As I seek out every time I post. I think to myself how many people are living in the constant state of unhappiness because they fear the what If’s and don’t have the courage to take the leap of faith.

As we spoke, I thought about all the people who are so passionate yet never take the leap or make the move toward the direction of their dreams. I feel indebted to give someone that push they may need to take the first step towards happiness.

Soul search figure out what makes you happy, I mean genuinely happy and go for it.  The worst thing I’ve done was thinking by the age of 23 I would have it all together, but I don’t, and I’m not afraid to share that with you all.

I have taken leaps, I’ve traveled, I’ve lived in different places many people older than me have never experienced, and I am still learning, still growing, still passionate. I will soon embark on a new journey, and I am extremely excited.

I had to reevaluate my life. I also had to figure out why I had been so stagnant in my journey. I will leave you all with words of the great Dr. Angelou “I agreed a long time ago, I would not live at any cost. If I am moved or forced away from what I think is the right thing, I will not do it. Yes, you must be agile and willing, but if one is being asked to contradict, you must remember there is different in manner, but not different in meaning.” Maya Angelou.

I hope you’ve had an amazing Sunday readers. Be encouraged. Be blessed. Have faith

-Ciarra R Zyyon

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