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Childhood Perceptions: VS-My Reality

The plains the text tiles were, all the same, to feel the absence of love left me in so much pain.

Caught up in the world raped by the “expectation ” of relations that I thought and always dreamed  of.

Growing up in this world without the two who birth me once nursed me and once were two.

The happiness of my dreams always depicted this big house, love, and support trapped by the Devils

perception, so I began to search. Search for something that was almost impossible to create.

The realization that this never would become true always left a hole inside and as time progressed my

anger grew. Mistaken away by the picture I had tried to paint for 23 years the picture never depicted

what I felt I instilled. Seeing the same story repeat its self through my eyes time after time left me teary eyed.

Soon I despised the love left inside. The truth covered by lies but unraveling not too slowly but

almost so surely that fact I  could not react. Today as I grow into the woman God has called me to be I

realize nothing fine is ever perfect and nothing perfect is ever fine. I began to know my life happened

because this is strength caused from pain but this is what he wanted me to be. Nothing is ever

anything you’d expect, and it finally began to reflect on me. God chooses your path and no matter what

you choose you will end up exactly where he wants you to be. So if this world tells me of the fairytale that supposed to be my life, the white picket fence  isn’t my  life or who God wants me to be I have come to understand that life just isn’t meant for me and in all honestly I’m who I am suppose to be even, and that’s fine with  me.

Ciarra R Zyyon



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