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Corporate corruption: Spoken Word With Ciarra

The day my momma told me I’d have to work twice as hard I never understood it’s meaning.I didn’t understand the way the world was set up and my part.

Eventually, reality sat in, and I landed my first corporate job. My cousin said to get their earlier, leave after them ; you have to work harder than them to prove your worth.

I listened to her stunned left without words. It wasn’t until I went to an internship did I realize my skin color outside of being light I always got that jokes that I may as well be white.

But I wasn’t they said, “you’re only here because of statistics we needed you three.” Affirmative action but you had to see my reaction so stunned the words flew out their mouth so smooth as if what they said was sweet.

That was the moment I felt my insides become weak. He said your not on the same intellectual level as me. I thought how couldn’t I be?
I’m smart, I’m beautiful, I am a woman, but the difference everyone could see my skin darker it was the melanin in me.

That day my heart grew heavy because I had never imagined anyone could muster up those words.”You aren’t good enough, but we need you for numbers.”

I looked at the world in a different scope I never felt so low. I worked just as hard I had the GPA, but no matter what I had they still felt to say those few words to say. I remember like yesterday, I felt like I couldn’t go on how could the world be like this?

Broken I wanted to fly away, give up, I just wished for another day. The only thing that saved me was my mother’s words “Ciarra you have to work twice as hard”, but this time, I understand it’s meaning

– Ciarra R. Zyyon

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