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I wanna be love: Spoken Word

I wanna be in love … Just to see how it feels, that rushing feeling, the moment you realize it’s real.
I wanna be in love …. That feeling you feel and deep down you know it’s real.
I wanna be in love like that crazy love we hear about in songs.
That type of love that sporadic love unwritten intertwined with lyrics red roses and wine.
I wanna be in love I wanna feel my heart in sync, that connection so deep you hear the different skips to my heart beat.
I wanna be in love so dangerously in love. To understand would be merely impossible to construct.
I sit here wanting, wondering, when the chance will come.
I just want to be in love, and I don’t think it’s impossible to fall madly, passionately, in love to have your heart match another person and to realize your not just in this alone.
I want to be in love so much I feel the flow of songs not only can I listen to it but I relate through love Jones.
I finally found love, and I know how it feels it’s everything I could ever imagine, and  it’s beyond real.

Ciarra R. Zyyon

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