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Words Of Encouragement For The Day:Steve Harvey



Hola readers!

I saw a video from Steve Harvey, and I felt moved by it , I felt it was only right to share the words of encouragement with you all. He says ” Every successful person in this world has jumped you cannot just exist in this life you got to live.” You have to identify your gift. You have to quit looking at gifts as just running, jump, singing and dancing it’s more than that.

In life when you are standing on that cliff, and you see people soaring by when you see people going to exotic places. You hear about them doing wonderful things. Have you ever thought maybe this person has identified their gift and is living in their gift? Because your bible says, your gift will make room for you. So many people get an education,  but if you don’t use your gift that education will only take you so far.”

It is so much I took from that and honestly I saw shared video from someone  I went to college with, and I thought how remarkable, how amazing were her words she found strength to take a leap for herself but shared this video along. I wanted to encourage all our readers if you ever feel uneasy you know that feeling means it’s something more to life I need you to soar, to leap, and to jump. Take a chance because living out your life though your dreams are one of the best things you could do because giving back and living in your passion will never seem like work and that’s how you know it’s worth it.   I spoke to my guy today, and I felt his passion of what his dreams he wanted to accomplish, and he felt discouraged. I remember the love he had for his gift, and I told to allow that to be his guide even when it seems we aren’t moving we are.  We all can become frustrated if we feel things aren’t happening as fast as we’d like them too. Lifetime success and movements don’t happen overnight they take consistent work and timeless effort that we each have inside of us.

Don’t be discouraged you keep your head up and work hard to achieve those goals, and use the gift God provided you with because successful people, the most successful stories don’t happen overnight; they happen with hard work, dedication, and effort because it’s worth it. I thank God and Celebrityxo and having the ability to do what I love most write and inspire. I am blessed I can to share with you all poems, self-encouragement, and breaking news. I’m growing and perfecting my craft, but I wanted to leave you all with something moving a great quote I love

“when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful. Be blessed, remain focused, execute those plans its Monday

-Ciarra R Zyyon


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