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For Just $5 You Can Find Out If Your Man Is On Tinder With Swipe Buster!

Boy…. They have a new app that check to see if your man is trying to creep with the locals in your area and for Just $5.00 you’ll be able to see what’s tea!!

The new app is called Swipe Busters…All you need is the person’s name, age, and the last place they most likely used the location-based app and Swipe Buster will use Tinder’s API (application programming interface) to collect the data.

While exposing the truth or putting people on blast maybe fun, the company stated that it is not their goal, the creator of Swipe Buster, who only refers to himself as Carlos, says the goal of the application is to make people aware of how exposed their information is online.

“This is not a Tinder-specific issue,” he said. “People have way too much information about themselves available publicly. People should be aware of the privacy settings on all the services they use. Hopefully this conversation will remind a significant amount of people of that.”

Swipe Buster users see Tinder profiles from the general location they specify that match the first name they input (because Tinder uses first names only). It’s then up to the snooper to go through the pictures to find (or, hopefully, not find) the person they’re looking for.

Users can then see the Tinder users’ pictures, when they were last online, and if they are looking for men or women. The information costs $5.


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