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There have been many times that I’ve come in contact with other young women who are struggling in their relationships. The two main issues that their relationships lack is trust and communicating within their relationship. But you know what’s funny? 9 times out of 10, the lack of trust and communicating has already been established before the relationship is even inituated. We already know what kind of dude we’re dealing with but don’t care to be real and I know because I use to be the same way. As we all know! Women have this FBI ideology and manage to dig up any dirt / information on her potential boyfriend. I’ve done it and still do! It’s okay to try to figure what you’re getting yourself into. Consequently, we discover some information that we DO NOT want to know but can’t erase what you’ve already found. *shrugs*

We FIND DIRT! But still accept the dude with the dirt! *SMH*  You know that he’s a cheater because his ex just exposed him on Facebook! You know he doesn’t want to do anything with his life because he’s always on Instagram “posted up” with the boys! You know that he’s abusive because you’ve heard about him in the streets but yet, you accept the dude with the dirt.
And as soon as that dirt comes to light, issa wrap. I know so many young women who get into altercations and fights because of their dude they’re associated with. And may I add….

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