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Jesse Williams’ Estranged Wife Claims He Introduced Kids to Girlfriend, Which Violates Custody Order

Welp… Though the two just settled on payments to the tune of $50k.. Now Jesse Williams estranged wife has more beef with the actor… Aryn is not here for Jesse introducing his children to new girlfriend and in her eyes in violates their agreed custody order. And he got the kids calling the new girlfriend Mama!

According to TMZ:

First, the gf issues. Aryn Drake-Lee says the “Grey’s Anatomy” star has been taking their 2 kids to his new chick’s house since October — and the kids even call her “Mama C.” She also claims he took them on a mini-vacay to Big Bear Mtn. with the unnamed gf.
Aryn says this is a clear violation of the custody agreement which requires both of them to wait 6 months into a new relationship before introducing the children.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Jesse also broke a golden rule at their daughter’s school last month. Aryn says Jesse brought cupcakes to celebrate 4-year-old Sadie’s birthday — a big no-no because the school picks one day each month to celebrate all students’ bdays together.

She claims Jesse also screwed her with Sadie. In the docs, Aryn says Sadie tearfully said “she was mad at me for not attending her birthday party” at school.

So he’s no longer with Minka??

Who’s this new chick?

Disrespectful as hell. You don’t take your kids around some fling you’ve only been with for a few months.

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