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Can you imagine looking at your beaux and going “Oh bae there’s Squirtle under your dress” or “Hey Babe let’s go catch Pikachu in your bedroom”?

Yeah…neither could I put the developers of the newly released Pokemon Go game decided to take things to another level with their creativity. The game has captivated the country and records as the fasted growing mobile game hitting 10 million downloads. Not only will people be catching Pokemon in your living room or your nearest shopping center, they get to go DATING.

How cute? Pokémon Go players have to answer a few questions about themselves and what they’re looking for in a potential date. Next, users plug in dates and times when they’re available to explore and play the augmented reality game with a new pal. Finally, matchmakers work their magic and Pokédaters get an email with all the details about when and where to meet their match.

Be careful though it has been reported that thieves are using the app for it’s location features and are targeting people based from that alone.

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