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Rob Kardashian Gives Himself Positive Affirmations : ‘ I’m Gonna Lose the Weight and Get My Life Back’

Come through Rob with the positive affirmations to himself… Hopefully he believe it and sees through to fruition…. Robert Kardashian says that he’s going to lose the weight and get his life back and the reason for his motivation ? His daughter Dream.

At first Rob Kardashian was trying to get his life back when he got with Blac Chyna, but that didn’t work out too well and he ended up regressing back and going into a depression… Now, he’s determined to lose it and has already hired a nutritionist and started working out again. His goal is to get back to the “old Rob” and he’s determined to do it on his own … with no help from friends or family.

Hopefully he’s serious, but I’ll believe it when I see it…

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