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Uncle Murda Talks K. Michelle Having a “Stinky Box”


Uncle Murda who appeared on Love & Hip Hop the other night mumbling on the mic while Cisco was fake producing  in the studio, appeared on the Breakfast club the other day; speaking on K. Michelle and how at least 5 different men confirmed that her box is trash and that it stinks…. First of all that is not a good rep to have and for a man to even speak on what another man says is unbecoming….. UGH!

I try to give K. Michelle credit where credit is due, but this is embarrassing, Here’s what Uncle Murder said:

“Five dudes said her box stink. I can’t tell you their names. But one raps. One plays basketball. The other one does security and there’s a few others in the feild.”

Didn’t Soulja Boy call her out for this too???? check it out at the 10:45 mark..




Men love to act like they don’t gossip but stay spreading hearsay. It’s so dumb. If true, she needs to get that situation together..He probably tried to talk to her and got shot down, which now we have the spread of rumors.  Even if this was true, Drake would still love her… Point, Blank, Period…


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