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When is it time to BREAKUP with a FRIEND

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From childhood to adulthood we still worry about who has our back and who’s just taking up space in our lives.  Today I had some great conversations with a few friends of mine and they gave me some interesting responses to the question of the hour.

KJ said “When your effort is 70% more than theirs,” I’ve lost a lot of friendships because either I was to invested or they wasn’t invested enough,  I always thought I would be the one with millions of friends remembering old stories and great times, but no,  life had other plans; people change and I realized that I am a good person but those around me didn’t see that.

You should never expect 100% from people who can’t see when you’re in pain, or when you need a shoulder to cry on. I believe you have to meet someone half way, if you can’t depend on someone to send a just thinking of you text or a quick phone call then that is not the friend for you! Stancie made a great point today “If the only time you hear from someone is to discuss gossip and drama, then it’s time to say goodbye.” I used to be like that, I had my good, good girlfriends in the words of Lonnie Bee ; we would sit around and gossip and spill tea all day, but we never discussed anything that added value to our lives or money in our pockets lol. We thought we were doing big things. But in reality we weren’t doing a damn thing and when it came time for us to have each other backs WE DIDN’T.

So, I say if you have at least 3 good friends your doing good. It’s the little things that count in 2015; find a friend that will rock with you and hold you down NO MATTER WHAT!  YOU WON’T HAVE TO CHASE THEM OR FIGHT FOR THEIR ATTENTION!!!!!!

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