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Dwight Howard’s field-goal percentage last year was 62% second in the NBA and the Hawks just signed him to a 3-year $70.5 million contract!

That is a great enough reason alone wanting to get out of Houston but have people been exaggerating the decline of Howard? Some people that it is a false narrative about a selfish Dwight Howard wanting the offense to “run through him”.

However Howard three years in Houston, averaged 13 rebounds per 36 minutes – the very same rate of his career in Orlando.

Howard will be a major improvement in rebounding over Al Horford who will likely be lost to free agency.

The last two years, Horford had only 8.3 rebounds per 36 minutes vs. Howard’s 13. While about a rebound can attributed to the strong board-work of Horford teammate Paul Millsap, Horford’s rebounding rate has steadily declined since his rookie year.

Other NBA anchors say, history will mark Howard’s Houston stay as a failure, but that is terribly unfair. In a ridiculously loaded Western Conference, Houston won 54 and 56 wins, good for over 60 wins in the Eastern conference.

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