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Dwight Howard Sang Beyonce Songs to Help with his Free Throws

It looks like Queen Bee s not only inspirational to loads of women dealing with the bullshit men of the world but also to NBA players lol.  Recently acquired Hawks center Dwight Howard has the name of being one of the worst free throw shooters ever in NBA history, with a career percentage of  .568, Howard has tried almost everything to better prepare him . The eighth time all star just can’t seem to figure it out.

In a new TrueHoop article, Howard reveals he once tried singing Beyonce’s songs to himself at the line as a focusing mechanism.

“I used to sing Beyoncé songs, that was my thing,” Howard said. “I told her about it when I saw her. I said, ‘When I sing your song, I make my free throws.’ She seemed to like that.”

According to Vibe “

No ones is exactly sure why Howard stopped, but he isn’t the first NBA athlete to use a similar technique. Last year, Dirk Nowitzki said early in his career he used to sing Counting Crows’ “Mr. Jones” to himself.

Despite how easy some NBA players make it look, the pressure of that moment, especially when on the road, can rattle players causing them to have poor free throw shooting in games.

“Free throw shooting is all mental,” Howard said. “In practice, I don’t miss. In warm-ups, I don’t miss. When I get into a game, I hear people say, ‘He’s going to miss,’ and it gets inside my head.”


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