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Kevin Durant Says Friendship with Russell Westbrook “Won’t Ever Be the same”

And it seems like it was good just a week ago. Kevin Durant was expected to re-sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder Before free agency began.   It all changes yesterday when Durant turned the NBA world on its side and joined Golden State.

For the first time, Russell and Westbrook will be opponents when they take the court next season. With KD leaving after 8 years of grinding together the Thunder Buddies will no longer be. KD says” “I just told him. I let him know how I felt,” Durant said of his conversation with Westbrook. “Obviously, our relationship won’t ever be the same again. But it’s something I wanted to do, and I expressed that to him. Hopefully, he respected it.”

Durant also talked about how he eventually will have to get used to being the new “villains” of the NBA this upcoming season.

“Yeah, it’s difficult. I’m not used to this much attention, but I’m getting used to it,” Durant said. “Obviously, people don’t like me right now, but it is what it is. I can’t please them all. I’ve got to still go out there and handle my business.

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