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Election day is here. Update

Hillary and Trump have casted their votes earlier today. Hillary was seemed happy after she walked out after voting for herself in Chappaqua,NY. She was calling the moment her most humble one and that if she becomes president she will make sure to work hard for then well being of the country. In the other side, Trump voted for himself in Upper Easy Side, NY. He was met by protested who boed him while he was leaving the poll site premises. In addition, this election process seems to have problems with early and minority voters waiting in long lines to cast their votes which my lead for them not to vote in future elections. One big difference in this election day is that Hispanics voters have increased by a big amount in contrast with the 2012 elections.

Stay tune for more details. Updates will be coming soon.

The new update shows that according to the New York Times Hillary has 96 electoral votes while Donald Trump has 129 electoral votes.

The following graph shows what states Trump won and which one Hillary had the victory:


Both candidates have a place ready to give a victory speech, after the final results comes out. Hilary is giving her speech in the Javits Center while Trump is giving his in Midtown Hilton just 1.2 miles away.


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