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New York City Protest against Trump.

Today Wednesday, people woke up in a country, they thought would have the first female president. They soon realized that Donald Trump was their new chief in office and everything went madness from there on. New Yorkers the most liberal people in the east coast, took matters in hand decided to protest against a leader they believed does not represent them in any way. On Wednesday night, this reporter was lucky to witness the first protest in U.S HISTORY against an elected president since the 2000’s.

I was able to be in front of the march in Union Square when the leader of the movement that organized it, gave an speech. She express herself with encouragement words and gave advice to others to fight for their rights.

A video of that speech is here:

After that all people started marching toward Trump tower. I was once again lucky to be part in something like this. Along with the protesters I took a walk hearing the chanting of people that reject a president they believe is a dictator, a clown, a bigot, anti-immigrant.

I could hear things from “not my president, “we reject the president, “Trump anti-gay,”hey ho, Donald Trump has got to go” to : f**ck Donald Trump and “f**ck your wall”.

As the march continued I can say that drivers from New York City were more than supportive, they were a lot cheering to the crowd and giving words of support.

Two young college students, Vanessa and Lucy said: “We are doing this because, we need to defend minorities and women rights. We want a free country, we feel scared of the new president and that is the problem, that we should not fear our leader, we should be proud of him.

Another protested Mark said: “I came here with the idea that we will be only be a few of us, I never thought it will be like this, I never imagined we would stop the traffic. I am really happy people are taking a stand against a man who can destroy our country.

At my arrival at the Trump Tower I listened to the opinion of another protester, a Latin american immigrant name Daniel. He said: I went to college and work really hard to build a future for myself and my family, the fact that next president hate the Latinos scares me. I mean what is going to happen to us now? Is my future will be good or should I be worry?. This is why I am here, I do not want this. Nobody wants this.”


Anti-Trump Protesters arriving at Trump Tower. 

With the march now full facing Trump Tower police authorities put in place barricades and dump trucks to avoid anybody to come too close to the building.



Protesters were chanting, “let’s go”, “we are push back”. I came across to multiple of signs of protest,

capture-3      capture0


People protesting in front  of Trump Tower

In the end, Wednesday November 9, 2016 was a night in NYC that many people will remember for years to come, it shows that people will not let their rights and freedom be taken away. As a myself, well, I am latina, but I prefer not to give my opinion I want to hear yours. What do you think?

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