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New York Mayor De Blasio asks $35 million dollars to White House for Trump.

New York City Mayor De Blasio wants the White House to pay back the city all the fees that it costed to secure Donald Trump.  The mayor is asking for $35 millions dollars since the Trump Tower, house of the elected president is in a very commercial area.

According to USA Today Blasio stated in a letter the troubles Trump is causing New York City.

“The complex challenges and tremendous costs associated with protecting a president and a president’s family in the heart of Manhattan are truly unprecedented. As such, we will be issuing a full-throated request — with support from congressional leadership and our federal partners — for a complete reimbursement for all costs incurred,”

“Locating a residence within New York City that requires ongoing Presidential-level security presents unprecedented law enforcement concerns. Trump Tower is located in the heart of a prime commercial area in Manhattan,” de Blasio wrote in his letter to President Obama. “It is a high-density neighborhood and street traffic easily obstructs pathways to and from the building making it profoundly challenging for the NYPD to establish a secure perimeter.”

“While the United States Secret Service provides an unparalleled level of personal security to the President-elect and his family, the NYPD is responsible not only for their safety, but for the security of thousands of Trump Tower residents, employees and visitors, and hundreds of thousands of people who are in Midtown at any given moment,” he continued.

In a conference De blasio declared he is discussing  with Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchi the future costs of protecting the Trump Tower Building.


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