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President Obama: ‘The FBI Does Not Work On Insinuations!’

In an interview by NowThisNews president Obama,  gave his opinion about the FBI sharing with the public the new revelation about Hillary Clinton’s email accounts.

Obama declared that  the FBI should not  be public about any leaks because that’s not how an organization works.

According to CNN his words were the following:

“I do think that there is a norm that when there are investigations, we don’t operate on innuendo and we don’t operate on incomplete information and we don’t operate on leaks,” Obama said in the interview, which was taped Tuesday. “We operate based on concrete decisions that are made.”

He didn’t respond to any further questions about Hillary’s leaked emails and stated that Hillary made a mistake, but it was something that was blown out of proportion. He declared that he trusts her and that he will be not supporting her if he thinks she was a dishonest person.

In addition, many people, mostly democratic supporters believe that the director of the FBI department James Comey brought out the emails investigation to affect the democratic party. This is because Comey is a fierce supporter of the republican party.

At the end of the interview, Obama declared that a prior investigation was already done and that the conclusion of the FBI and justice department was that Hillary made mistakes but it was nothing to make her accountable for.

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