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Rosario Dawson Says Hillary Clinton ” Is Not A Leader”

Throughout the course of this year’s presidential primaries, Rosario Dawson a Bernie Sanders believers says ” Hillary Clinton is not a leader.

Dawson, has been a Sanders supporter since day one, urged the delegates to stand firm on their progressive ideologies that way Clinton will follow suit ” Because we do understand especially in regards to someone like Clinton

“Because Clinton is known to act upon public opinion, the Cuban-Boricua star encouraged the masses to keep pushing for liberal initiatives that will benefit us all.  Here’s how Dawson broke it down: “So, she follows public opinion on things. So if we stay strong on Universal Healthcare. If we stay strong on the fight for 15. If we stay strong on all of these things, which is what this paper represents, our revolution is dependent on your time, your energy, your blood sweat and tears, your sweat equity, your persistence, your commitment, your dynaminism, you and us making waves together.”


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