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The third and last debate can be the roughest one in the 2016 election campaign.


The third and last debate of the 2016 campaign is here and it might not look pretty. Hillary and Trump are going to make sure they have enough votes to become president. After all the controversies during the last week, Trump is looking desperately for more voters and supporters since his audio files leaked.

Trump has been attacking the victims that accused him, telling the public that those women were not desirable to him, therefore, he would never attack them. It will be hard for Trump to get support since his remarks for women and immigrants has really damaged his image.

This is Trump’s last shot to convince the public why he should be president. In a small note, Trump has stated that if he does not win it is because the elections were rigged.

Regarding Hillary, she also has some troubles to deal with, her leaked emails are a crucial problem for her, not only that, but people consider her a liar and somebody that is not consistent in her opinions. Gun control is a big deal for Hillary, many people are afraid she will ban guns if she becomes president.

On the other hand, both candidates have yet talk about ISIS, Immigration, Health Care, Climate change and the Iran deal. So my question is, can the third debate focus on issues instead of throwing dirt to each other? What do you think?

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