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Trump transition team is looking for Muslim registration and border wall.

According to the Huffington Post,  an architect of anti- immigration attempts who stated that  he is advising Trump declared that Trump transition team might be looking to put  a border wall in  place even before the approbation of the congress to do it.

In addition the Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach who might be the next post of attorney general, declared that Trump team had a discussion about the reinstatement of a muslim registry, like the old one called NSEERS.

NSEERS was a registry who seek people from high- risk countries to register upon arriving the U.S and and regularly check- in in government offices. The program was forsaken in 2011 after Department of Homeland Security found it unnecessary and public found it unjustly for minorities, specially the Muslim community.

Kris Kobach, also declared that a border wall should be taken place and that deportation is necessary. As far aa, Trump transition team they have not declared yet what the exact  plans for the elected president would be when he takes the White House in January.

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