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Aquarius- With the Venus sextile of Neptune, your constant ability to capitalize on your skill-set continues to reap rewards, in your favor. In the meantime, Neptune inspired impulsivity, could arise from your subconscious needs & manage to appease a portion of a love interests’ desire.

Aries- An unexpected blessing will have you ready to gush- about something satisfying.

Sagittarius- With Jupiter squaring Pluto, you’ll probably approve of the power that you have, to work within a restricted area & bring forth desirable results, whether helping to mediate at work or something as simple as decorating the place where you reside.

Gemini- Your springy side has kicked into full gear & it has the ability to cause a contagious bit of excitement, wherever you go.

Capricorn- Despite any less than cordial vibes that you may be facing, you have a way of mustering up energy that can be used in a powerful manner, redirecting your attention and concentrating on something that’s more worthy of your time.

Scorpio- With Mercury about to sextile Jupiter, you’re increasing your intelligence, in one fashion or another, which will prove to be a good move for you, as you move forward, taking on additional goals, full force.

Leo- Although your reaction to loneliness might be just as rough as your reaction to uninvited intrusions, you’re in the process of moving beyond any slightly emotional reactions & settling into your surroundings, come what may, as you find more than one way to enjoy a bit of you-time.

Pisces- The courage that you possess, is like bright lights, all lit up- whether standing by the team that you’re going for, or walking straight toward a door to the unknown- which has the potential to help you face pending struggles, in stride.

Taurus- Venus is offering a view of a love that can overcome all things, just as Neptune, known for its psychic forces, glazes over the vision, with enough electrifying vibes to keep just about everyone on the edges of their seats.

Virgo- While you may feel drawn in, to someone elses’ views, on issues going on around you, Jupiter is in the background, expanding your mind; subtly, and also reminding you of cemented views that you currently hold dear, which will probably remain unchallenged, at least as far as you’re concerned(for the time being)- giving you a certain degree of purposeful rest.

Cancer- Your focus, on something that you have high hopes for, right now & are estatically looking forward to, is something that’s prone to color many of your days, in joy.

Libra- Jupiter, while on its way to sextiling Saturn, has perfect timing- right after a Pluto inspired, powerful period, where you may have felt as if you could barely control your most affectionate feelings. Saturns’ vibes have a tendency, to aid you, in intercepting intense emotions, for the purpose of weighing them out, or limiting the time that you indulge in them- but that’s only if you decide to contest the beauty of it all, in your heart if hearts.

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