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Celebrity X O Scopes, Your weekly forecast:

G e m i n i (may22-june21) – Jupiter, complete with its energy of prosperous excess, is sextiling Saturn. These conditions may have lended themselves to areas where enduring the aftermath of a certain lesson is a step toward wiser pursuits.

L e o (july23-august23) – Whether it’s unexpected company, or eyebrow raising sales & give-aways, there’s a great deal going on, as you ponder the possibilities to get into something, so keep your eyes open, for something pretty cool, that’s bound to be, “right up your alley”.

A q u a r i u s (january21-february19) – With the emotionally ridden moon, catering to your ambitious zone, you feel ready for just about anything. Forces from Venus, are joining the celestial mix, with extra attraction-generating vibes- creating passion dominated, “spikes in temperature” that call for the steam-like comfort, that can be gained from intensified action, of some sort.

S a g i t t a r i u s (november22-december21) – Talking to friends, relatives, & friends of relatives, has you in a a great mood, & what’s more, you’ve been managing to keep yourself from getting involved; in the middle of any emotional family disagreements, which is a good deal, since it will be good negotiation practice, for the younger of your brood.

C a n c e r (june22-july22) – Jupiter is squaring Pluto, which will open hidden doors, in areas where you’ll find that there’s a place within you, where you can dig down & harvest a power- one that will come in handy for you & quite possibly diminish any unproductive frustrations, that could arise.

T a u r u s (april21-may21) – You may find yourself in the mood to refuse any gestures that you feel could be manifested in a more sincere manner, but remember, displays of sincerity are not always seen- some are less obvious & tend to come out in less showy, more sentimental ways.

A r i e s (march21-april20) – Venus is about to square Uranus, meaning that romance will be meeting with vibes of unpredictability, so there could be an element of surprise that pops up, within the realm of your daily activities, which could be awesome for you.

S c o r p i o (october23-november21) – With Jupiter about to sextile Saturn, your good fortune & common, everyday opportunity, meet head-on, which could prove to be an important factor, that makes all the difference, while pursuing any major projects that you have taken on & need to finish.

P i s c e s (february20-march20) – After putting various knowledge that you have, to work- you may find that you’ve reached an empasse; which is a great time to allow other experts to do what they’ve been, perhaps, not-so patiently hoping to do. With team-work, inching towards answers becomes easier.

L i b r a (september23-october22) – Once a particular challenge is overcome, or remedied, a satisfying transformation will become possible, as you participate in the building of blocks, towards a more solid foundation, so to speak.

V i r g o (august24-september22) – There is an explosive need that you may encounter, to accept changes, within an area that you could find limited or somewhat draining, in a sense, due to the challenges that you perceive- during a lengthy period; when Pluto is inspiring rebirth- which could likely be your solution.

C a p r i c o r n (december22-january20) – There’s a saying that reminds many, if not all of us, that love can find a way- and the influence of Venus is in a position to lend a hand, proving this- in your life, as you go about putting an individualized twist on established ways of doing things, for the sake of everyone involved in a current venture of the heart; giving your blessings in the process.

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