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Celebrity XO Your weekly forecast

Gemini You know who you should keep first, and you’ll find that, showing that person, was one of the best moves that you’ve made, of late. Rest assured that you’ve avoided viewing a melt down, which is definitely good news.

Taurus Its one of those times, when your immediate atmosphere is crunk- never a dull moment- who needs the theater? Not you, not presently. At least boredom is currently a non-issue.

Cancer The moon has injected sensitivity into the outer-most corners of a situation, & various issues are being magnified; yet you know that determination to excel is one of your major strong points, right now. You’ve already cut the ribbon, as far as realizing one of your most impressive feats.

Leo Even if you’re miles away from where you’ve been attempting to go, you’re still maintaining a pace that says you’re getting somewhere. The scenery is there for a reason, too- take your surroundings in, because there are some things that aren’t seen anywhere, except off the beaten path.

Virgo Saturn illuminates areas of restriction, as you meander along, sizing up the potential benefits of all of your decisive actions. Your athletic coordination has nothing to do with the rules of the game. Sure, trophies shine, but there’s nothing like having peace of mind, & that’s something some coaches may forget to mention. You’ve already abandoned the worst of your replays, though- they’re strictly for the film.

Libra Mercury adds in an encouraging amount of intellectual stimulation, as it spices up a bowl of planetary influence- this is a time that you’re apt to use; in an endeavor to make life better, because you know it’s possible, besides, the road repavements are already looking pretty good.

Scorpio You appreciate the individuality of someone who you’re close to, you’d just like for them to do the same. They’ll get the news flash- it’s up to that person, whether facts are tuned out or not.

Sagittarius As Venus would have it, about 58 percent of your thoughts are going towards a passionate view that you have. You’ll feel better, once you verbalize your opinions, thoroughly- and afterwards, relax into a more stress free weekend game plan, complete with rewired focus & an uplifting webinar or two.

Capricorn Mars has crept a little more into focus, so, it’s no surprise that your dominate speeches have somehow made it to the platform and fireworks have erupted. Not to worry, your concerns have been taken into account and if someone can’t make amends, it probably won’t be because they didn’t try. Good thing that its possible for you to move on, either way, now that you’re more open to trying.

Pisces The forces of Neptune & Mercury, are working together, in a big way, to create vibes that can smoothe over a few of the roughest patches, something that is apt to cater to your impulsivity, providing that you continue to look forward & give those who you’ve previously dealt with their needed growing/healing space.

Aquarius Now that it’s apparent to others, that you are better at blocking and opposition, than some may have expected- they’re wisely giving you more room, to do what you do. A few, not-so-smitten individuals may come out of the woodwork; at this time- but that’s only because they want to get a glimpse of what others are so captivated by. Hey, it’s your fate. Keep showing the best of them exactly what you can do.

Aries The person who’s been getting under your skin, won’t likely be as big of a thorn, anymore-  now that you’re apt to come up with a new way of dealing with their attitude. Uranus is inspiring invention, in this particular matter- which can lead to a resolution, of sorts.


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