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D.C. Cop Arrested for PIMPING teenagers in the D.C. Area

There has been so many issues within the D.C. community and I had to dig DEEEEP and research on certain issues.

In 2013, Officer Linwood Barnhill, faced felony charges for child prostitution of teenage girls. The teenage girls state that Barnhill pursued them by telling them they should “model”. Once the police officers raided Barnhill’s apartment, they found several things. They found two teenage girls, marijuana, 8 cell-phones and the names of the other woman who engaged in the prostitution. Barnhill took naked pictures of the young girls along with advertising them on websites commonly used for prostitution. The teenage girls had sex with multiple men, they charged $80 and gave Barnhill $20 out of the $80. While these girls were in active in their prostitution, Barnhill paid to get their hair done and enhanced their appearance. He also purchased new cell phones for the girls. Although these allegations happened in 2013, it is very important to the 2017 issues. D.C. has been experiencing so many different things since the New Year. If you’re not aware, there are over 30+ missing black teen girls in the D.C. area. Read more on the issue here.

There are over 30+ girls missing.  Are police officers encouraging prostitution ? are crooked cops really this crooked? Is this why mainstream media is not covering the missing of so many women? I NEED ANSWERS! I DEMAND ANSWERS! It is time we step up to the plate and try to figure it out. If we can not trust the government, we must put trust within ourselves and figure out the best way to get a solution!



# FindMyMissingSisters

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