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Famed Herbal Healer Dies In Police Custody

Famed herbal healer Dr. Dr. Sebi, who’s known for his work with Magic Johnson after he contracted the AIDS virus, the late Michael Jackson, Left Eye and more has reportedly passed away after being reportedly in police custody in Honduras!

Sebi is an advocate for Holistic healing with firm beliefs that rendering the body to an “alkaline state” makes it so that disease and ailments can’t exist there. He has also claimed to have cures for AIDS and cancer, so it’s certainly eye-raising that he died in custody of police, as it’s been said that the government has wanted to quiet him for some time.

According to a report from Funmilola in Honduras:

“He became sick with pneumonia while being held in prison. His condition escalated quickly and he was transferred to a nearby hospital. We are unsure about what type of treatment he received over the course of the last few days, both before and after being submitted to the hospital.”


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