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Fyre Festival Turns Out To Be Room Temperature!

Music festivals are always fun to go to. Things tend to get a bit wild and crazy, but fun none the less. The Fyre Festival, co-founded by OG artist Ja Rule, was thought to be no different: a giant party with live music. However, the festival turned out to be barely room temperature. Billed to be a luxury festival in the Bahamas, costing $1,200 for a weekend or a whopping $12K for VIP tickets, was a let down to goers.

Apparently, people involved in the festival said Chance the Rapper would be performing, but later recanted the statement. Blink 182 was actually suppose to perform, but pulled out at the last second. The site was half finished and accommodations were…uninhabitable to say the least. Basically, it looked like a poorly set up refugee camp.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Oh well. Maybe next year Fyre Festival.

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