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Gilmore Girls Finally Has a Trailer! And a Premiere Date!!

The Lorelai Gilmores are back and better than ever! The official trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life was released today and it reminds you just how much you missed the mother-daughter pair in all of their fast-talking, celebrity-referencing, brown-hair-blue-eyed glory.

The trailer opens up by showing off the beautiful scenery of the Gilmore Girls hometown Stars Hollow. Shots of Luke’s Diner, The Dragonfly Inn, and Doose’s Market are seen as the theme music plays in the background. It’s all so majestic…and beautiful…it brings tears to my eyes. Then, of course, we flash to the Gilmore Girls sitting at their kitchen table right as Lorelai asks Rory if she thinks Amy Schumer would like her.

The two minute trailer so perfectly reminds you of what you were missing on your TV that it makes the fact that the show is coming out on November 25th that much sweeter. Yes, you read that right! Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is coming out on Netflix on November 25th. There is no possible way to prepare for the weekend of binge-watching you will have that month, but still, it’s the type of exciting thing we never thought we’d get and now it’s only a few months away!

Tell us, are you guys excited for the Gilmore Girls revival? Do you think Rory will end up with Logan like she was meant to? Will Lorelai finally marry Luke? Comment below and start a discussion!

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