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Kanye West : IDOL or ART?

On February 22,2017, it was reported that a gold, life-size statue of Kanye West was unveiled on the corner of La Brea Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard in California. But wait, that’s not the crazy part. The life-size status resembles features of Jesus, literally. This statue has black twitter going CRAY-Z! Many say that it is disrespectful and others say that the street artist Plastic Jesus is a genius. The statue shows Kanye as Jesus, with nails through his hands, crown of thorns and his lower half being covered with cloth. Furthermore, the artist even put a pair of Yeezy’s on the statue.

The person responsible for molding Kanye’s head is no stranger to the artistic game! Ginger, a Las Vegas artist, is responsible for Kanye’s detailed head. Ginger is responsible for creating the Donald Trump’s nude statues that have been seen all over the internet.

The pictures of the statue are below, what do you think???

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