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Learn To Accept The Woman That You Are and Encourage Other Women To DO The Same

Being a black woman is almost equivalent to being magical! We endeavor so much! Its so amazing! From our many different shades of melanin, to our unique shapes and even our different textures of hair. We are simply amazing. I find it hard to believe that so many black woman battle with self-confidence or low self-esteem. I’ve never understood why some black woman may walk with their heads facing the ground or may be timid towards certain situations. I’ve never understood why some black woman practice bleaching their skin or try to imitate the “European-look” to the exact format. Sometimes I wish that I could befriend woman with the lack of self-love. Doing this I would be able to tell them that they are beautiful and doing manipulations to their body is unnecessary.
Some woman wear weave and makeup and so do I. However….

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