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Side Chicks Are NOT in Style… Never Will Be *shruggs*

Let’s be honest, it is 2017 and women are getting BOLDER each and every day. Obviously, it has become a trend to be the “side chick” and be PROUD. Many people encourage these antics of various women via social media with a simple retweet or repost. I find this simply annoying! As I scroll down my timeline and I noticed this post…

disclaimer: Although I am shedding light on the sidechick, it is always important to remember that it always takes TWO! Not only is the sidechick wrong but the man is in wrong as well. How dare a man violate the trust of his woman by having another woman to tend to  his wants, needs and desires. However, this post is specifcally for the side-chicks and their childish behavior.

Women are BRAGGING on the fact that they are involved with another woman’s man. REALLY!? What gives you the idea that it is “OK” to engage with another woman’s man? SMH. I need someone to help me better understand the tactics of a “side chick”. What goes through your mind? Do you ever feel guilty for being involved with another woman’s man, especially if he’s MARRIED? Although these questions remain unanswered or unrealistic, people continue to encourage the antics of these women. Many people think that it is cute but then again, the general population enjoys DRAMA and entertainment, which explains the countless retweets and repost.

As a woman myself, it should never be “OK” to demote yourself for some man. You are allowing him to have the best of both worlds. He is able to enjoy his “main chick” and still dib and dabble with the “side chick” whenever he pleases. Not to mention the fact that diseases and STDs/STIs could possibly be transmitted because of the choices made. It is important to protect yourself in all aspects of life. I firmly believe that there is something mentally wrong with you if you condone being a “side chick”, c’mon sis…

I am here to tell you that being a “side chick” is NOT CUTE! Nor is it in STYLE! There are so many men in this world, it can’t be that hard to find someone of your liking..

I came across this video on YouTube and the YouTuber makes it plain and simple.

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