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Sugar Coated Truth

Food shopping has always been a hectic task, the line, trying to remember the list you didn’t make, the unsatisfying quality of the produce, but one thing that takes up most of my time is packaged foods. It is easy to steer clear of packaged foods by myself but a whole different story when I am with my nephew….in Costco. I clearly remember back in Junior High School, the only thing I would concentrate on is the “fat”; how much saturated fat was in the package, how much trans fat, and I would completely ignore the rest.

It made sense to only focus on the fat content on the nutrition labels, being the gullible child I was, I believed people when they say “fat makes fat, you are what you eat”, totally makes sense right?? Although “you are what you eat” makes sense, it is not literal.

On an interesting article I came across titled, “50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists To Point Blame at Fat”. As I read throughout the article, I realized that the health industry had mostly concentrated obesity related diseases on fat. Throughout my nutrition career of personal research experience on obesity related diseases, all involved reading research articles about saturated and trans fat, some articles for sodium were also collected but almost none was about sugar. The public may know sugar as the sweet taste of addiction, the cause of diabetes and a similar stimulant in the brain as cocaine. The author of the article, Domonoske takes us back in time to an industry group called the Sugar Research Foundation (SRF) that paid Harvard scientists to “refute” concerns about sugars role in heart disease. Harvard researchers put a review article together in the 1960s that blamed fat and cholesterol as the main cause of heart disease. The article was later published New England Journal of Medicine, which resulted the next few decades of scientific research with heart disease paired in conjunction to fat.

Sugar is contained in almost every food we find in the supermarket; the “fat-free” so called “diet food” is loaded with sugar to replace the taste of the omitted fat. Sugar isn’t just in sweet foods, it is in our milk, plain yogurt, breads, frozen foods and the list forever goes on. This article should be an eye opener to America, to see the truth and how long we have been blinded by the truth. Domonoske even stated that it was “smart” that SRF had the article published in a prominent journal. Yes, science is evidence, but now we should wonder if the evidence is what they want us to believe and not the actual truth.

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