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Black Madam Tells Jurors That She Gave Amber Rose Butt Injections Before She Became Famous


Padge-Victoria Windslowe who is charged with third degree murder for giving illegal butt injections to a London Break Dancer has confessed to giving Amber Rose Butt Injections before she became famous.


According to NBC Philly
Padge-Victoria Windslowe claimed on the stand Friday that Philly model Amber Rose started receiving her injections before she became famous.

She says Kanye West dropped her off for one procedure when the two were dating.
Windslowe also stated under oath that Rose brought her many clients and that she was supposed to inject Nicki Minaj but the appointment was canceled after Claudia Aderotimi’s death. The London college student and model died being injected with low-grade silicone at an airport hotel in Philadelphia.She says her “Black Madam” title comes from many lucrative years running an escort service. Windslowe says: “I was the best.”

Kanye couldn’t pay for legit butt injections for her? Also, she couldn’t afford them herself?

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