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Bruce Jenner to Undergo Sex Change Operation This Summer

Bruce Jenner seen with a band on his ring finger and his hair down while getting coffee from Starbucks

Bruce Jenner is going full steam ahead with his sex change and will go under the knife this summer, sources close to the Olympic hero said.

According to Page Six

The gold medalist had been slowing down the gender-reassignment process in the weeks following a deadly car crash in Malibu, Calif., but the transition is now back on track, according to RadarOnline.
He’s been seeing a therapist, as a regular part of any sex change, and will now step up the visits to twice a week, the celebrity news site reported.
“The therapy was required by the doctor that will be performing Bruce’s sex change operation,” the source close to Jenner said. “And it has helped Bruce tremendously.”
If all goes well, Jenner hopes to be in surgery “towards the end of the summer,” the source said.



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